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Central Connection

Remote Deposit Capture

With this convenient service, you can save valuable time by depositing checks right from your office. With Central Connection you just scan your checks and the funds will be deposited swiftly into your account. It's that easy! It's not that we don't enjoy your visits. But we know that your time may be better spent growing your business.

  • Deposit checks from the comfort of your desk
  • Save time and money
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Streamline daily business operations
  • Eliminate unnecessary trips to the bank
  • Get funds credited more quickly
  • Securely encrypted software

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Online Wire Transfers

On-Line Wire Transfer

Utilize our online banking system to create and send wires within the United States.

Wire transfers are the fastest, most convenient way for your business to move funds quickly and securely around the country. Unlike ACH, which provides next-day transfer of funds, wire transfers provide same-day, near-immediate transfer of funds.

  • Send immediately available funds quickly for a purchase or other business need
  • Interface directly with transactions generated within your account with Central Bank
  • Make or receive payments
  • Allows for your designated employees to access and manage your companies wire transfers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Immediate funds availability – Funds transferred via wire are considered collected funds and are available as soon as a wire is credited to the beneficiary account. Domestic transfers arrive at their destination on the same business day they’re sent. No allowance for mailing or collection time is required.
  • Security – Built-in safeguards, such as a personal identification number (PIN) code and callback confirmation, ensure the accurate, safe and confidential transfer of funds.
  • Repeating transfer options – Customers can initiate non-repetitive, semi-repetitive and repetitive wires based on payment needs. This simplifies input, saves time and reduces the potential for errors.

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ACH Origination and Direct Deposit Services

Reduce your administrative costs and save valuable employee time. Our Web ACH and Direct Deposit services let you make and receive payments automatically. Pay vendors and suppliers, schedule and manage payroll, make automatic debiting available to your customers and more, all while adding convenience for your customers and efficiency for your company.

  • Expedite all your payments
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Reduce returned checks
  • Secure transactions
  • Pay vendors and suppliers quickly and conveniently
  • Transfer funds from other institutions into your Central Bank account
  • Deposit payroll automatically to employees' accounts with Web ACH
  • Reduce costly expense of paper checks
  • Simplify payroll process and save valuable employee time

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Merchant Services

Increase your payment options and make it easier for customers to spend money on your business with a Merchant Credit Card Program.  People appreciate the convenience of making purchases with debit cards, credit cards, and even gift cards. Let Central Bank assist you with the equipment and systems you need to process these automated customer payments.

  • Give your customers more ways to pay
  • Increase their buying power and encourage impulse purchases
  • Increase sales and efficiency
  • Eliminate check-writing hassles
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Funds from sales available faster
  • A variety of secure, reliable technology
  • Discounted rates tailored to your business

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Account Reconciliation- Coming Soon!

Account Reconciliation provides your business with the tools to save time and improve accuracy when balancing checking accounts.

This service improves management and audit control by providing reports on check activity and historical information. Our automated service can save you valuable time normally associated with manual reconciliations.


  • Receive concise, easy-to-understand statements, providing descriptive reporting and sorting of checks  
  • Spend less time reconciling your accounts
  • Enjoy accurate and timely account information
  • Identify possible fraudulent items
  • Reconcile your accounts on your schedule - daily, weekly, monthly
  • Reduce manual account reconciliations and streamline operations

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Positive Pay- Coming Soon!

What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool. It matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks you have previously authorized and issued. All three components of the check must match exactly or it will not pay.

How does Positive Pay work?

Positive Pay requires your company to send (transmit) a file of issued checks to the bank each day checks are written. When those issued checks are presented for payment at the bank, they are compared electronically against the list of transmitted checks. The check-issue file sent to the bank contains the check number, account number, issue date, and dollar amount. Sometimes the payee name is included, but is not part of the matching service.

When a check is presented that does not have a "match" in the file, it becomes an "exception item". The bank sends a fax or an image of the exception item to the client. The client reviews the image and instructs the bank to pay or return the check.

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