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Effective Date: 01/01/2023


Account Services

Area Per Fee
Account Activity Printout/Statement Printout Page $5.00
Account Balancing (per hour-minimum) Hour $30.00
Account Closing Fee (within 90 days of opening) Account $50.00
Account Research (per hour-minimum) Hour $30.00
Account Statement Printout (Copy) Account $5.00
Cancelled checks returned w/ statement Month $3.00
Check Image Copy Each $5.00
Deposit Correction Each $3.00
Deposited Items Copy (additional copies $.25 each) Item $5.00
Dormant/Escheat charge
(account is dormant after 18 months without customer activity)
Month $10.00
Garnishment Item $125.00
Legal Fees Item $100.00
Levies Month $100.00
Stop Payment Item $35.00

Special Mail Handling

Area Per Fee
Mailing - Foreign Item $10.00
Mailing - Hold Month $5.00
Mailing - Returned Item Item $5.00

ATM Services/Charge

Area Per Fee
ATM Machine
(PRESTO & In-Network)
ATM Withdrawal & Balance Inquiry (Out of network)
Central Bank does not charge a fee. However, Central Bank does not control non-customer fees charged by other banks.
Check Card/Debit Card Replacement Card $10.00
International Currency Conversion Fee Transaction 00.80%,

Check Fees

Area Per Fee
Cashiers Check - Customer Check $5.00
Counter Temporary Checks Check $0.25

Check Collections

Area Per Fee
Collection Item - Domestic Item $20.00
Collection Item - International Item $50.00

Coupon Collections

Area Per Fee
Bond Coupons Envelope $20.00

Document Services

Area Per Fee
Fax Service Page $3.00
Notary Service - Customer Item FREE
Photocopies Page $1.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Foreign Currency

Area Per Fee
Under $1,000 (US) Order $15.00
Over $1,000 (US) Order $20.00
Overnight Order $40.00
IRS Interest Form Item $5.00
Night Deposit - Disposable Bag 100 Bags $50.00
Night Deposit - Lock Bag Bag $25.00
Night Deposit - Zipper Bag Bag $5.00

Overdraft (OD)/Return

Area Per Fee
Overdraft Item Paid Fee (such as created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means) Item* $35.00
Returned Overdraft Item Fee (such as created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means) Item* $35.00
Sweep Transaction Charge (Overdraft Protection from another account at Central Bank) Transfer FREE
OVERDRAFT: When your account balance is less than the item to be paid. We may either pay the item and overdraw your account (an overdraft item paid fee) or we may decline to pay and return the item unpaid (returned overdraft item fee). In either case we may charge you a fee.
*ITEM: Includes each order of instruction for the payment, withdrawal or transfer of funds from your account. EXAMPLE OF ITEMS: a check, an in-person withdrawal, or a type of electronic instruction (such as an online bill payment or an ACH debit)

Safe Deposit Boxes

Area Per Fee
3 x 5 Year $35.00
5 x 5 Year $45.00
3 x 10 Year $60.00
5 x 10 Year $70.00
10 x 10 Year $90.00
Safe Deposit Box - Drill Fee Box Drilled $150.00
Safe Deposit Box - Late Fee Month $5.00
Safe Deposit Box - Lost Key Key Lost $25.00

Cash Advance

Area Per Fee
Customer $2,500 Limit No Fee
Non-Customer $500 Limit $10.00

Wire Transfer Fees - Customers Only

Area Per Fee
Wire Fees - Domestic Incoming Wire FREE
Wire Fees - Domestic Outgoing Wire $20.00
Wire Fees - International Incoming Wire $30.00
Wire Fees - International Outgoing Wire $50.00
Wire Fees - Notification Wire FREE

Internet Banking Services

Area Per Fee
Online Banking Month FREE
Online Bill Payment Month FREE

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